N has inspired a thriving and intensely creative community which are also a lot of fun. You can find the forums here.

NUMA, the N User Map Archive, is another great source for finding out about and taking part in the N community. NUMA is an online database of levels for version 1.4 created by users using Ned, N's built-in level editor. There are thousands of authors and thousands of maps in this user-friendly, searchable, completely awesome database.

N version 2.0 (playable online here includes a built-in sister to NUMA, allowing you to both create and play maps from right within N. Convenient! Just make an account and you're ready to go.

Need help creating a great N level? Check out this informative Instructable on the subject.

N Fan Art
We love N fan art! Please, send us more!

[ 800x600 ] [ 1024x768 ]
[ 1280x1024 ] [ 1600x1200 ]
drone's view, by djoseph

[ 352x352 ]
flaming drone, by albert

[ 717x1132 ]
N poses, by various users

[ 1024x768 ]
N in 3D one, by megageo

[ 1152x864 ]
N in 3D two, by megageo

[ 1152x864 ]
N in 3D three, by megageo

[ 1280x1024 ]
floor guard, by djoseph

[ 1280x1024 ]
zap drone, by djoseph

[ 1280x1024 ]
homing zap drone, by djoseph

[ 322x399 ]
impressionist, by atomicshadow

[ 512x452 ]
mario, by littleviking001

[ 239x179 ]
card, by littleviking001

[ 400x244 ]
where's waldo, by littleviking001

[ 624x482 ]
jumper, by gohan

[ 564x450 ]
water-skiing, by atomicshadow

[ 384x534 ]
faculty, by littleviking001

[ 454x370 ]
flag, by littleviking001

[ 810x609 ]
n in halo, by assassin of sabotage

[ 640x514 ]
assassination, by littleviking001

[ 511x753 ]
liberty, by littleviking001

[ 198x256 ]
ninja, by littleviking001

[ 116x116 ]
dunk (animated), by Lucidium

[ 800x569 ]
Man 2, by florijan stamenkovic

[ 640x480 ]
Zap Drone Costume